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William James Fisher

Caleb William Ross

Welcome to our web page about two local Civil War soldiers. Our names are Evan Caplan and Henson Destine. We are fourth graders in the SPARK program at West Seaford Elementary School.

Both of us were interested in the Civil War, and when we learned a little about William James Fisher and Caleb William Ross, we decided to research these two soldiers to learn more. Both of them fought in the Civil War, but were on opposite sides, both died when they were about 20 years old, and they were related to each other by marriage. Check out this website to learn more about these two Seaford area soldiers.

As pointed out by Tom Vossler in his introduction in the 2002 calendar produced by Friends of the National Parks Gettysburg, Lt. Fisher exemplifies the lives of many other soldiers including Caleb Ross. They were dedicated to a cause, their youth was cut short by war, their comrades were saddened by their deaths, and their grieving families were devastated.