Seaford Railroad Station 2006


     The Seaford Railroad Station is one of the few old stations still in operation today.  It is located on New Street on the Nanticoke River in Seaford, De.  It currently operates under the Norfolk Southern Railroad.

     There are two railroads currently operating around Seaford.  They are the Norfolk Southern Railroad and the Maryland & Delaware Railroad.  At the present time, the railroad operates seven days a week.  An empty freight diesel that comes north from Pocomoke, Maryland around 11:30 p.m.  A full freight diesel goes south to Pocomoke around 7:00 a.m.  There is also a train that runs to Hurlock, Maryland about three times a week.

     Today, the railroad is used mainly to haul local grain, chemicals, liquid propane, coal, wood and supplies for Invista, formerly owned by DuPont and called the Seaford Nylon Plant.

Train engineer, Everette Masten, Jr., and his brakeman, Jerry Rementer, pose for a photo with me in the doorway of the station office. This doorway used to be where the original ticket window was located.




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