Coming of the RR





History Review



Information Sources for my Project

“Annual Reports and Inaugural Addresses at the Opening of the Road,

     Dec. 11, 1856.” Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Meeting of the

     Stockholders of the Delaware Railroad, Held on the Eighth Day of

     January, A.D. 1857. Dover, Delaware: Delaware State Reporter,


Hayman, John  C. Rails Along the Chesapeake. Marvadel  Publishers, 1979.

Masten, Everette M. Jr., “History of the Railroad in the Northeast.”

Masten, Everette M. Jr. “ Transportation and the Coming of the

    Railroad.” some excerpts taken from “ Slavery, Steamboats &

    Railroads.” Hancock and Hite, 1981.

     Most of the information and research gathered for this project came from personal interviews conducted with local Seaford residents.  Many thanks to those who took the time to meet with me and share their knowledge and documents.

     Everett Masten, Jr. and Jerry Rementer gave me a tour of the Seaford Railroad Station, let me go on one of the Norfolk Southern engines and helped answer my interview questions.  Mr. Masten provided me with two articles that he wrote.

     A special thanks goes to Keith Short for all the help he gave me.  Mr. Short is a local railroad enthusiast and a true keeper of history.  He was very generous in sharing his knowledge, vintage postcards, photos and stockholders report.  His extensive research on the railroad provided me with the majority of information for my project. He was an amazing source of information and an expert on railroads and their history.