Stations of the Past


     The first railroad station in Seaford was built in 1856.  This station was located just behind where the existing station is now.  The cost to build the original station was $1,458.12.  In 1857, an additional $1,700.13 was spent on the station.  An 1858 Annual Stockholders Report for the Delaware Railroad shows that the money was spent on the station, but it doesn’t list what was added. It was most likely used for improvements of some kind to the station.  The original station was destroyed by fire in the early 1900’s.  A new station was built between 1902-1903.  This is the present station that is still used today.  The cost to build the present station is unknown .

     Through the years, there have been three separate railroad stations used in Seaford.  They were the present Seaford Station, the Cambridge & Seaford Station and the Ross Station.  The Cambridge & Seaford Station was originally used as a freight house in the Seaford yard.  When the tracks were extended to Cambridge in 1869, it was later used as their station.  The Ross Station was located at the Ross Plantation which was owned by Governor William Ross.

     Photo of the Seaford Railroad Station in 1907.

This building was originally used as a freight house for the Delaware Railroad in Seaford. When the Cambridge & Seaford Railroad was formed in 1883, it was used as their station or depot. It was later used as a freight house again by the Pennsylvania Railroad. This station was torn down in the early 1980’s.

Photo showing the original station and freight house before it was

converted to the Cambridge & Seaford Station.


Pennsylvania Railroad Station, Seaford, DE.

August 16, 1907

Southern view of the railroad station.

October 31, 1908

This photo shows exactly where the Ross Station was located.

If you look closely, you can see the Ross Mansion in the background.

This photo was just recently found. It is believed to be one of  only

two Ross Station photos that exist today.




Coming of the RR





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      horses bred at

Ross Farm (Evergreen)

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This rare photo of the Ross Station is located at the Ross Plantation in Seaford. Governor Ross was one of many people responsible for bringing the railroad to Seaford. He wanted to use the railroad to transport produce and livestock from his farm to surrounding cities to sell. This would give his goods an economic advantage. He knew that the railroad would help his plantation and the area prosper.