Annual Appeal

The Seaford Historical Society Annual Appeal 2020 

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Dear Friends,

In 1972, the Seaford Historical Society was formed. Look what has happened since then:

  • The Governor Ross Plantation was purchased in 1976.
               Gene Bleile photo
  • The old Post Office was purchased as a permanent location for the Seaford Museum in 2001.


  • The first event was held at the new Ross Station on March 19, 2019.


All of this happened because the Society members and others gave their time, talents, and monies. Grants were obtained from the Longwood Foundation, the Welfare Foundation, and Crystal Trust, to name a few. Descendants of Governor Ross offered matching grants to encourage fundraising. Endowments were given.

These monies were given for the purpose of restoration. Grants are not given for maintenance-heat, light, insurance, and repairs. For these costs, we need to appeal to you for help. We are careful to make sure that monies coming in will be more than the costs of operation. We are hopeful that in time the Ross Station will help with repairs and maintenance of our other sites.

One goal of the Seaford Historical Society is to let the our youth know the history of their town, to have pride in the rich heritage of Seaford. Please help us to continue to have kids, as well adults, visit our facilities and learn.

We have come a long way in the last 48 years! With your support, the Seaford Historical Society can continue our mission to “Preserve, Protect, and Present the history of our town.”

Please consider a tax-deductible donation. Thank you!


Teresa Wilson, President


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Gov. Ross Mansion

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Seaford Museum

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